Training Schedule

Miles are miles no matter how fast or slow. The information on this page can be just as valuable to a rucker as it is to runner.

20 Week Beginner Training Schedule (Starts 5/27/18)

Best advice on the Web

Remember that this is just advice. There is no one size fits all plan for effective nutrition and hydration during an ultra marathon. The advice of what has worked for others is a great place to start but the only way to find out what will work for you (and won’t) is to start practicing it during your training, preferably sooner than later. Nutrition and hydration strategies  are a crucial piece to completing endurance events of such length. Dehydration and/or hyponatremia are the more serious of consequences if you choose to disregard the need for a strategy. However cramps, GI distress, and fatigue will likely present themselves sometime during your race. Practicing your strategy during training can help to prevent or at least teach you how to cope when they rear their ugly heads.

Nutrition and Hydration links

             What To Eat During an Ultramarathon

             How to Properly Stay Hydrated During a Long Run

Foot care

             Foot Care for Ultramarathoners

More to come….

Interested in joining us for a Course run? Please view the Facebook event page for updates and directions for 3 upcoming runs on the course dates TBA!

We have 3 course preview runs scheduled through the summer. Are runs are supported by volunteers and we will have ice water and you can leave a bag for them if needed. These will be available at the minimum of one time half way through the run.

July 14th, 2018 – 12 miles

August 11th, 2018 – 8 miles

September 15th, 2018 – 14 miles